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Verify unlimited Facebook accounts with 1 Gmail account

Did You Know ? you can verify unlimited Facebook accounts with 1 Gmail account by getting all the verification mails to one email Id, If Not Then You may Learn It Form Below Just Follow Some Simple Steps …
This Trick Is 100% Working In All country’s And Its Not illegal, Just Do It To get Multiple account managed by single email id, All Facebook accounts Will Have Same Email But Different Usernames And this Will Save Your time Managing multiple Facebook Accounts .
Steps To Verify unlimited Facebook accounts with 1 Gmail account
Step 1. Create Or Get 1 Gmail Account
I take ‘besoeasycom@gmail.com’ as an example
Step 2. Go to www.facebook.com fill the signup form enter Your Name, DOB, etc but in ‘email address’ field enter any fake email address, like” ilovebesoeasy@gmail.com” or anything rubbish .
Step 3. Click on signup button, skip all other signup steps after skipping all the steps, you will get a message about email bounce and that they could not find your email address.
Step 4. Now click on ‘change email address’, enter your password and put your actual email Id with dots in the username… e.g. Use besoeasy.com@gmail.com instead of besoeasycom@gmail.com .
Step 5. Now The Magic Will Happen. The verification email will be sent to besoeasycom@gmail.com
Note : if you don’t get the verify Mail, it means username ‘besoeasy.com’ is already in use, which is a very rare case , Just try again to avoid This Bug
Step 5. Now You Have New Facebook Account On Same Email but With Different Usernames
The Trick -> Now, signup for another facebook account and repeat the above steps But this time use bes.oeasycom@gmail.com and then bes.oeasycom@gmail.com. Just Place Dots anywhere in Email Id Username ( Eg – beso.e.asy@gmail.com , besoeasy.c.om@gmail.com ).
Note : You May Use Unlimited dots Anywhere in Email Id Username .
Repeat Above Steps To Verify unlimited Facebook accounts with 1 Gmail account & Create Facebook accounts more efficiently.

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