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Seven Ways to Put your Business Online And The One Guaranteed Way to Do It at No Cost

Templates and Sitebuilders

Templates and template driven site builders are the newest trend in web design. There are numerous sites that business owners can go to and download a template or go through an easy step by step process which will put them online in a matter of minutes. Pros:

  • Usually low priced and sometimes comes with hosting
  • Fast design turn around time. You can have your site up the same day
  • Visually appealing design that is structured properly by a professional designer
  • Easy to put in your information and publish
  • You have control over the site and can freely make changes

  • Nonexclusive - This means that you will not have a unique site. You will have a site that looks just like many of your competitors. Being in business, you know how important it is to be unique. *Some template designers will offer exclusive rights for a nominal fee.
  • You must provide sales copy
  • They do not optimize the site for your company
  • There are no means of getting targeted customers to come to your site after the design is published.
The results tend to be slightly better with template driven sites because the web site layout is visually appealing and the structure is functional. The challenge is still to get people to come and buy from your site. This challenge is still placed on the ability of the business owner.

Directories Many business owners rely on online directories to place their contact information and a brief description of what they offer. This is fairly inexpensive, but you are relying on the merit that that site has many visitors interested in your offering, and you have little competition on that site.

Freelancer or Employee

Many businesses have an employee dedicated to tend to their webmaster needs. They work on salary and can perform many different functions within your organization. You can also have freelancers bid on your project and work within your budget. This is a very popular approach since the fall of Many highly qualified designers are looking for work and will do a stand-up job within your budget. Pros:

  • Knowledgeable professional working on your site within your budget
  • Free up your time to do your business

  • Risk of how knowledgeable and dependable the freelancer is that is working with you on your site
  • You will only get what was bid on within their skill set.
If you get a quality designer that is freelancing, you will have a very quality web site. If you specify your needs and have the proper budget, you should see some return on your investment.

Web Design Firm

Hiring a design firm that specializes in business development is a smart decision. They have the expertise and focus on developing a web site for your business that is geared to accomplish your goals. Pros:

  • Professional design team knowledgeable of how to develop a business site that sells.
  • Free up your time to do your business

  • Risk getting a poor-quality design firm that will do a low-quality job
  • Some design firms will not be ethical after the payment
  • Some design firms will leave your project to you to market after the design is complete
Results: You will have a professionally designed site with the functional structure and components to generate business. If the design firm is a quality one, it will be a higher closing rate once visitors come to your site. Many design firms have people versed in marketing that can give you tips on how to bring traffic to your site. This will be priced higher than the other methods but will bring higher results.

eMarketing Firm

The final way to get your business online is by employing services from an eMarketing firm. These firms provide you an online solution customized to your business model, which will include web development, online software application and Internet marketing. This typically is the most expensive out of the seven methods, but it is the most complete solution for most business that needs an effective online presence. Pros:
  • Professional design team knowledgeable of how to develop a business site with sales copy, search engine optimization and a marketing strategy to generate targeted visitors to your site
  • Free up your time to do your business
  • Staff of experts that keep up with all the changes in the online marketplace
  • You will have a marketing plan for your online strategy

  • Typically more expensive than the other methods
Once again, you will have a professionally designed site with the functional structure and components to generate business. You will also have a marketing plan with strategies to generate business through your site. Return on Investment (ROI) is typically gained in a shorter period of time.


Many have been told the myth “Build a business web site and they will come” which proved to fail many businesses eager to expand. To see how to put your business online with no cost you must first understand what cost means in contrast to price. Price defines the amount of purchase where cost represents the end result. To better explain this I will give you an example. If you paid $100 for a web site that generates you no business in a year, then how much did the site cost you?
If you paid $1000 for the same site but that site brought you $100 a month for a year, how much did that site cost?
The first site cost you $100 after a year whereas the second site paid you $1200 at the end of the year and cost you nothing. Actually, the second site paid you $200 for having it. It makes sense; the only guaranteed way to get a site for nothing (so to speak) is to have it built right as well as marketed to your targeted market the first time. So choose your method wisely.

About the Author

samuel mwangi
Marketing Solutions For Start up Business
samuel mwangi is a marketing specialist that has worked with planning and implementing marketing strategies for several businesses ranging from independently owner organizations to government and corporate entities. He is known for saving thousands in marketing dollars and increasing growth with the utilization of a diverse Internet marketing strategy which integrates functional web design with focused SEO.

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Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook 2014 To Increase Likes


 There are many categories of top pictures, No one can say any images to Top pictures, but we can add in top 10 list by more popularity, here we are sharing these images which are often seen by people and also most liked by this social site uses, So these photos can take best place in our blog's Top 10 Funny Pictures For FB. We have a big experience of  this social networking site,
We have many groups, pages and personal accounts with five thousands friends and biggest list of followers, When we share below listed images on our wall groups and page, Then it was getting more likes, So today we are adding these funny photos which most liked on FB. May be it will help to get more likes and comments on your wall.

List of Top Funny Pictures For Facebook

here is best list of to the Facebook funny picture, Just get and share on your wall for better impression and also show your presents with you friends, Then let's get it.

Different View 

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

You can Think

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo


Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

After 100 Year Most are Dead

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Everything with FB

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Anti - FB

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Youtube vs FB

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Fb Diet

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

Fb Addiction 

Top 10 Funny Pictures For Facebook For Increase likes image photo

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

How to Mention All Facebook Friends In Your Post with A Single Click

How to Mention All Facebook Friends In Your Post with A Single Click

Follow these steps:

1: Login to your account
2: Open the post that in which you mention your all friends.
3: For open click on time or day.Time or date shown below the post or top of the post. See below image.

4: Open the console box.For open Console box .

In Google Chrome press Ctrl+Shift+J or right click on window and go to inspect element and click on console
In Mozilla Firefox Press Ctrl+Shift+K or right click on window and go to inspect element and click on console.

5: Now Go to to this LINK and press ctrl+A for select all and ctrl+c for copy the code and ctrl+v paste in console box and press Enter.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Use Facebook from your Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Is it possible to use Facebook from excel spreadsheet? yes its possible, here i share the process to use Facebook from excel spreadsheet.
Facebook is the largest social media platform with 1.23 billion users world-wide and the count will increase day by day. Now a days most of the people use Facebook to connect with their friends, sharing photos, videos and many more. Facebook come up with new timeline feature and now they carry out graph search which is most useful to perform searches on Facebook better than before. Straight to the point if you feel bore with the present Facebook interface and want to try a new interface which is not used before, then you’re at right place.
Here i share one beautiful trick to use Facebook from excel spreadsheet without installing any Facebook applications.

How to Use Facebook From Excel Spreadsheet?

If you want to impress your friends with your new Facebook interface then you must try this trick. I’ll sure about that your friends definitely surprised with this change in Facebook interface.
1. First of all you need to open one website and click on the first button ” Gimme dem spreadsheets” and it will redirected to Facebook login page.
facebook from excel
2. Now enter your Facebook username and password in the fields, click on login button.
3. Immediately it asks your permission to use your public profile, friends list and news feed etc. This is the common process for every Facebook application authentication. Click on okay button to use your Facebook profile from excel spreadsheet.
4. That’s it. Now you can use your Facebook profile from excel spreadsheet. Wait one second i will explain all details about this new and classical design.
facebook from excel spread sheet
5. If you feel difficult to use this design then click on “No, wait. I’m Confused?” button to get all details about this design. Once you click on that link it shrinks the excel spreadsheet and show all important controls of this new classic Facebook.
quick view of sheet
It had total 7 Controls, they are
  • Cycle Theme
  • Search
  • Click
  • Load
  • Hover
  • Bonus:Press Space
  • Logout

Cycle Theme:

If you click on Left side top corner then it will change the appearance of excel spreadsheet.It had total 3 themes Mac,Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. You can use any one of the theme by clicking on that.
excel 2007
 excel in mac os
excel 2003


By using search function you can search for your friends who are in your friends list.It shows suggestions while you type in the search box.
search friends


This section is clickable that means you can open those notifications which appears on newsfeed by clicking on them.


This load button will appear on the bottom of excel spreadsheet and it loads more notifications to your news feed.
load more on facebook


As the name suggests hover button will show information who like your post and who comment on that post.If you place mouse cursor on the name of the person it shows some information.
hover button

Bonus  Press Space:

I can’t reveal about this tricky thing , you can check it with your Facebook profile.


There is no need to give information about this thing because everyone know about this.This logout button available at excel spread sheet close button.
logout facebook
Now its time for your turn.Try out Facebook from excel spreadsheet and surprise everyone around you. If you face any problems while using this application do let us know in your comments.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

JavaScript Tricks: Edit Websites in Browser (Live)

Imagine a world where you are a God and have ultimate control on what happens and more importantly, how it happens. Seems too good a dream. Now it has come true, at least for the online world.

JavaScript tricks
Using this trick, you will be able to edit any webpage live in your browser as if it was a Wiki and change the details according to your wish. Yes, you read that right. You can edit Google or even Facebook for that matter right in your browser and that too without requiring any technical know-how or getting deep into hacking and cracking.

Here is an example picture demonstrating the Google Homepage edited by me to say that I own Google.
Edit Websites Browser

This is just an example. You can use it for anything like showing wrong traffic stats or for fooling people by showing that someone said something about them on Facebook or Twitter. It depends only on your creativity. But I would advise you to stay ethical and use it for entertainment purposes only.

(Mozilla Firefox does not support this. If you use Firefox, you can use the bookmarklets given at the end of this post. If you use Google Chrome and the code does not seem to work, precede it with "javascript:" without quotes.)

To use this trick, all you need to do is just copy the code given below and paste it in your address bar after you have opened the website you wish to edit. And start editing.

You can capture a screenshot by pressing the Print Screen key or by using the Snipping Tool if you use Windows 7 or Windows Vista. If you wish to again make the website non-editable to give a more authentic look, copy and paste the code given below in the address bar after you are done editing (does not work in Firefox).


Or, alternatively you can use the following bookmarklets by dragging them to your Bookmarks bar.

1.  Edit this Website

2.  Done Editing

The editing that you do will however be temporary as it is not server-sided. You can also save the modified website through your browser by File>Save. This works on all common web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Simple Trick To Convert A Webpage To PDF File

webpage as pdf
In this post i will teach a simple trick or browser feature that let you convert any web page into PSD file format, which might help you to read your favourite articles offline. So lets get started.

How To Save Web Page To PDF File ?

1. Open the Google Chrome Browser on your PC or MAC 
2. Then go to the web page that you want to convert as a PDF. 
3. Now press Ctrl+P on Windows PC or Command+P if you are on a Mac to Open the the Print dialog on Chrome Browser. 
4. Now Change the destination to “Save As PDF” and hit the save button.
5. The current web page will instantly be downloaded as a PDF document. 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How to Install Google Analytics on Blogger

Google Analytics Blogger LogoWouldn’t it be nice to know how many people actually visited your blog each day? How about knowing which of your posts are the most popular? Well surprisingly Blogger doesn’t currently offer any native blog analytics but fortunately there is Google Analytics — available for free.
Google Analytics is a great tool that will show you all sorts of useful information about how people found your blog, keywords they searched on to find you, where they came from and even how long they stayed. You’ll learn more about where your visitors come from and how they interact with your blog. This is a must tool if you are trying to build a profitable blog otherwise you are flying blind!
This article will show you how to add Google Analytics to your Blogger blog. It’s a fairly simple process and doesn’t require any technical skill at all.

Step #1 – Setup a Google Analytics Account

Go to Google Analytics and sign in using your Blogger login. If your account doesn’t work for some reason, you can create a new one instead. Once you login you’ll see a screen that looks like this:
Google Analytics Blogger Sign Up Step 1
Click on the “Sign Up >>” button and proceed to the next step which will ask you for your general information. Website URL, Account Name, Country, and Time Zone. The screen will look like this:
Google Analytics Blogger Step 2
If you noticed, I just put my Blogger url (without the http://) and called it “David’s Account” because this is your top-level container for 1 or 100 different websites so it’s a good idea to name it something more general. The next step will ask you for your contact information which includes your first name, last name, phone number, and country. Easy so far right? :-)
Google Analytics Blogger Step 3
Your last step in signing up will ask you to accept the user agreement terms and conditions which you should read (just kidding…who actually ever reads these entire legal terms anyhow?).
Google Analytics Blogger Step 4
Now this next screen is very important. This is the code you will need to copy and paste into your blogger template. Go ahead and click into the box and it will automatically highlight the entire block of code for you. Now you need to copy that code and paste it into notepad or into a MS Word document. Save it as you’ll need to use it later.
Google Analytics Blogger Step 5
After you click on the “continue >>” button you will be taken to your brand new Google Analytics dashboard! You will see your blogger blog listed but with no analytical data….yet.
Google Analytics Blogger Dashboard
Ok, now you are done with setting up your Google Analytics account. The next step is placing the tracking code into your Blogger template so it can report back to Google Analytics and provide you with some cool data points.

Step #2 – Adding GA Tracking Code to Your Blogger Template

This is not a very difficult step even if you are afraid to touch your template code. Login to your Blogger account and then click on the “Layout” => “Edit HTML” tabs. This will bring you to the template code. Before you make any changes, I advice you to back up your template just in case there are any problems. After you’ve done so, continue reading.
Now in the edit template html code window, scroll all the way to the bottom of your template code and look for the </body> tag. There should only be one of these closing tags in your template. If you can’t find it then your template wasn’t properly created and you should add one right above the </html> tag.The </html> tag should always be your last line of code in your template. It signifies the end of your template.
Ok, now go back to the code you saved before in a Word Doc from Google Analytics. You are going to copy it and paste it right above the </body> tag as illustrated in the image below. The yellow highlighted code is the new GA code I just pasted into my template.
blogger google analytics code 2
Save your template and you shouldn’t get any error messages. If you do, it’s most likely not related to this GA code and something else with your template itself. Assuming you’ve been successful with your save, you are all done embedding the GA code in your template!

Step #3 – Confirm Google Analytics is Tracking

Go back into your Google Analytics account and look at your dashboard. Most likely you will see a little yellow exclamation mark under the “status” column that looks like this: google analytics tracking not installed. This means everything isn’t working properly yet which is fine because we are about to tell GA we just added the code. From your dashboard, click on the “edit” link which is located to the far right.
Google Analytics Blogger Dashboard Edit
After you click on that link, you’ll see another screen like below. It will say “Tracking Not Installed” followed by a link “Check Status”. You’ll want to go ahead and click on that link which will tell GA to visit your site and look for the new code you just pasted in your template.
Google Analytics Blogger Dashboard Check Code
Assuming you pasted the code in there as instructed above, GA will find the new code and begin tracking everything on your blog. If you are still having problems, it’s most likely something to do with GA and you should read their help guide to troubleshoot your problem.
Google Analytics Blogger Dashboard Success
The message seen here, “Waiting for Data” means you have correctly setup GA and data is being gathered! Click on the top left Google Analytics logo and it will take you back to your dashboard. From there click on the “View report” link and that’s where all your very important Blogger visitor data will start appearing!
Google Analytics Blogger Dashboard Results
Now it usually takes an hour or so before you will see any data (maybe longer if you don’t get much traffic to your blog) so please be patient. Trust me, you’ll be logging in at least once a day just to see how much traffic your blog is getting. It’s very addicting and powerful information to learn from. You’ll be surprised which posts are your most popular and what countries people are coming from to read your blog.
Google Analytics is very powerful and we have just learned how to install it into your Blogger template. We haven’t even scratched the surface on the features and reporting it can do. For most Bloggers, this will be enough. Data will be collected and you will just review it. Others with more in-depth goals (like selling products or services, creating a sales funnel, etc) will want to spend more time learning GA. Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and don’t blame me for your new found addiction!

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Access Facebook on any Mobile Without The Internet

Do you have an old phone like Nokia 1100 ???

Don’t Worry You can Use Facebook in it
Here is an Article about it read it and rate.

Do you have an old phone like Nokia 1100, and no reader can do more than just a phone? Or are you stuck in a remote place where no internet or any other form of data (EGDE/GPRS/3G) and the link?
This is not a problem. You can continue with your Facebook in India (# * or Lithuanian) by dialing * 325 # on your mobile phone – this service requires no data or Internet plan that will work on phones from the Stone Age.
A brief overview here:

Use Facebook without the Data Plan
Facebook India has partnered with Fonetwish to bring Facebook on every mobile phone without requiring any apps or even the Internet.
In partnership with Fonetwish Facebook India to take any phone or the Internet without running the program.

Dial # 325 number, enter the username and password, select Facebook and use Facebook, there are some basic commands to perform various tasks, online to chat with friends at home and new additions to the list of your friends and more

If the interface to the Unix shell, such as Facebook, and will be very similar. Fonetwish says the service now, Airtel, Aircel, Tata DoCoMo and the idea is not accessible by users in India.

Reasonable prices – you only need to pay 1.00 fee per day for unlimited access.

Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now I'd love to hear from you. Got any views, thoughts and questions related to the post? I'm all ears here. Add your comment.

How to Make Video Look Back on Facebook

 Look Back Facebook is an offering made ​​by Facebook social network users in the form of a video trip to the timeline for 4 years back. It is presented in the context of facebook birthday 10th precisely dated February 4, 2014. Perhaps the last few days on the facebook page often see posts from our friends titled Here's my Facebook movie. And when the link is clicked it will show the video of our friend containing a photo, status, photos ever shared and others that fit with the music makes the video looks beautiful.

Perhaps you are wondering how to make it? whether to use the software as a video maker? or should install certain applications on your facebook? ternyta all the wrong answers. It is very easy and does not need any expertise related to the making of the video. You only need to visit a specific page and the system automatically in the facebook will make your video look back over 4 years back.

There is a record that must be kept in mind that could make facebook look back this is the only photo files and shared a lot of his status, because if you are too private then auto-generate this look back will not work. Curious how the following steps:

  • First of course you must already have a Facebook account
  • Then login
  • Then click the following link
  • See what happens, let the process run will see your video look back
  • Click the Share Your Movie to appear in your timeline
  • When you do not want to appear so do not need to click Share Your Movie
  • Done, easy right
That's it you have made the look back video. Share it with your friends ..

Thanks for coming by and taking your time to read this post :) I hope you have learnt something today. Now I'd love to hear from you. Got any views, thoughts and questions related to the post? I'm all ears here. Add your comment.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

How To Convert Your Facebook Page Into A Website

Many  Lots of people having Facebook page. Almost every bloggers also have a FB page. Here are lots of people who contain a popular Facebook page but don't have any website. If you are one of them then you can easily make a website just in a minute with your FB page. A simple tool called EXAI is available that allows users to turn your Facebook Page into Website or Mobile site free of cost with some clicks.


1. A Website in 1 Click
2. Matching Mobile Site
3. Easy to use interface
4. Free SEO
5. Free Hosting
6. Hire Professionals
7. Amazing Photo Effects
8. Lots of Widgets

For making a website just click on this link and go to website. Here click on start and Just do 3 simple steps. The free site URL will be, if you want to set your own custom domain name to your website go to pricing options.

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1.>>>>>FIRST GO TO THIS WEBSITE FreePremiumDomain


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Monetize Your Blog With - The best Adsense alternative

In this day.We are discussing about

You don’t have an AdSense account ? or your AdSense account is being disapprooving agin and again ?

Then is perfect for you ! is yahoo Bing advertisement network. Well my AdSense account was disabled because I have added the ads in my hacking blog. so I have decided to get AdSense when our blog get 50k alexa rank.Well is best answer for AdSense alternative and in short, I can say is better than AdSense because they are not cruel with their publishers !
In AdSense if you violate any terms and conditions then next day your account will be disabled ! Well now a days I am using and I am very satisfied with the revenue.They are very honest to their publishers.

Google+ Followers