Sunday, 8 March 2015

Meet World’s Most Secure Phone: BlackPhone 2

After the NSA, iOS scandal and the SONY episode where hackers inflicted damages to the company worth of $100 Million, everybody is concerned about their privacy and security. Taking this issue in consideration, one of the legends of Internet security Phil Zimmerman founded Silent Circle, focusing on making devices high on security and encryption.

SilentCircle has introduced the BlackPhone 2: the successor to Blackphone focusing on more advanced security to fit the new 2015 market and other updates such as the screen and camera. Along with it, the company also launched the big brother of BlackPhone franchise, by launching BlackPhone+, the tablet version.
Compared to its predecessor which sports a 4.7″ HD screen, the BlackPhone 2 sports a dashing and larger 1080p 5.5″ inches with Gorilla Glass 3 for protection. Under the hood, it features a 64-bit octa core processor, we still don’t know much about the processor. On the battery side it sports a super 3060 mAh battery, the only con being that its not replaceable. Other than this, it comes packed with 3 GB Ram, a Micro SD slot.
It runs over PrivatOS 1.1 with privacy focusing apps such as Silent Phone, Texts and Contacts. The best part is that you can download it over Play Store even if you don’t have a BlackPhone. PrivatOS is a modified version of Android; meaning you can literally install every app present on the Play Store.

The standout feature is the ‘Spaces’ Using spaces you can assign different accounts to different apps, and every account being isolated from the other. It helps you to put on different logins for different sectors of your phone like one account for all the document apps and one for all the communication apps. Its as if you are running multiple-users on the same device.
The UI is simple and easy to use. And from the settings panel, you can control almost eberything about your apps; setting up permissions for each app. You can control the information going (the amount) from one app to the other.
This quote by Mike Janke indicates that how much serious and confident they are about their products:
“We’re replacing BlackBerry, we don’t care that BlackBerry’s CEO is throwing nasty things about us onto Twitter. We’re going to dominate them”.
To make it fully safe and secure, they even have an awesome bounty program. Under the program, for finding any small bug they will pay you 128$. And as the level of vulnerability increases, they will pay you higher and higher! And to give you a measure on the company’s responsiveness, they promise to fix any bug under 72 hours, but most of the bugs have been fixed by first 48 hours itself!
The predecessor of the phone got about $750 Million in orders and the folks are expecting that the order will go higher up this year. The phone is priced at $649 same as that of the previous phone when it was launched. Though much hasn’t been known about the tablet version, it is speculated to boast a 7″ inch screen and a Qualcomm process.

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