Monday, 13 January 2014


Its always Better to Earn as a Professional. Adsense is the Most Genuine and Popular Way or website owners and Blogger to Make money for their hard Work. There are also other options to earn money from website content, But As this is From Google, so Nothing can do competition from Adsense. Use this Trick To Get ADSENSE APPROVAL In 1 Day ..
Here Is the Step to get Adsense Approval Easily……
So I have seen many people lately moaning about Adsense apps getting denied. Here the point I would like to make, new websites don’t get accepted Instantly however my method of getting accepted can change that.
Just follow the following steps To Get Get ADSENSE APPROVAL In 1 Day -
1. First, Make a new Google account of U.S.A or U.K.
How to do this ? I will tell you.
First of all download required software from the links given below
(i) BLUESTACKS (It works like a android mobile we need this if we don’t have US or UK mobile number)
(ii)Tunnel Bear (It will change your ip and location to US or UK)
(iii) First of all open tunnel bear and sign in with any gmail id and change your location to US or UK same as in the image given below.
(iv)Now open bluestacks and go to setting now you have created a US OR UK gmail account without any number verification.
2. Once you have created this account, Head over to YouTube and login with your new GoogleAccount.
3. Head to this page: and click “Enable Monetization”.
4.Now head to: Follow the instructions given, At this stage you can enter your real country.
5. Await Confirmation, I have tested this with 23 people, All got accepted. Now its Your turn
If you plan to use this with blogger please do this afterwards:
1. Go to
2. Click the Blog you want ads on.
3. Click Earnings
4. Click “Get Started”
5. Click “Link account”

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