Monday, 13 January 2014

How to Invite All Your Friends to like Your Facebook Fanpage

One of the best ways to build an audience on Facebook is to use a Facebook fanpage. After you setup your fanpage, one of the first tasks that needs to be done is to invite all your Facebook friends to stop by and like your page.
Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't have an easy way to select all friends to invite to your page. There is no 'select all friends' button, and you're left with no choice other than to manually click each friend you want to invite. This is a headache if you have more than a few friends. Luckily, there is a code to invite all friends to your Facebook fanpage that takes away all of the repetition and manual effort.
When you use this code, which takes all of about 30 seconds, there are only a couple of steps required to invite all your friends to your page. Here is a brief video that teaches you the process to invite all your friends and directs you to the code you must paste into your browser for the process to work.
Here is how you use the code to invite all friends to your fanpage:
  1. Use Chrome as your browser for this exercise
  2. Edit Page>Use Facebook as {your personal profile name}
  3. Build Audience>Invite Friends
  4. Change the dropdown menu from "Recent Interactions" to "Search all Friends"
  5. Keep scrolling down to the bottom of the list until all of your friends are shown in the window
  6. Hit CTRL+Shift+J on your keyboard
  7. Switch to the "Console" tab
  8. Paste the code from the video above into the command line.
  9. Hit Enter
  10. Click the Submit button and you're done!
Once you've invited all your friends, you can begin promoting your page to a wider audience by using Facebook advertising. It is inexpensive to get started and highly customizable. Facebook advertising is accessible for any budget, regardless of your advertising goals.

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