Monday, 9 December 2013

Lesson #6 - Don't Bury This Knowledge!

I made that mistake for so many years.

Accumulating things can get to be a habit that gets in the way
of you learning from what you have and taking action on it.

How much stuff do you already have buried on your hard drive
collecting cyber dust never again to see the light of day? You
probably can't even begin to tell me because collecting and
forgetting is an easy and extremely unprofitable thing to do.

I can promise you with 100% certainty that if you don't do
anything with the information in this report then it won't help
you one little bit. However, if you're the kind of person I
think you are, you realize what you now have in front of you.

You have an opportunity to clear your head and regain your
focus, but only if you're willing to put consistent effort
towards the right things.

What Are The Right Things?

LEVERAGE - Letting other people help you multiply your efforts
on any project you create. Never create a project that other
people can't help you promote. It just doesn't make sense to do
everything on your own when 100's of other people can pour
thousands of combined hours into building your business for you.

Have a clear picture in mind ahead of time and incorporate other
people and what you need them to do into your overall strategy
before you begin. Have a plan to reach your destination.

HITCH-A-RIDE - Look at what other people are doing and think of
ways you can profit by helping them do more of it. Nobody cares
about what you want unless it happens to coincide with what they
want. Stop standing in people's way and instead "push them"
towards the goals they're trying to reach.

And stop falling at the feet of "gurus" waiting for them to
throw out their leftover "scraps". Pay more attention to what
they do and a little less to what they say because intentional
or not, a lot of what they say has nothing to do with what they
actually do.

Sure they may use the techniques and specific strategies they
give you but they're also operating with a bigger picture in
mind that they either can't articulate because they don't fully
realize what they're doing or simply won't tell the masses.

You are your own leader.

Look to others for guidance but to yourself for the final word
on what you should and shouldn't do!


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