Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Sites that Pay you for Writing Articles on your Blog (Sponsored Posts)

Sponsored Posts are one of the most popular ways to make money from your blog.Though Google says that Sponsored Reviews or sponsored posts are against their webmaster guidelines, if done with care and a little common sense you can make good money.In this article I have listed some best sites to get sponsored reviews.


One of the old yet very popular site to find advertisers and write sponsored posts on your blog for which you will be getting paid.
  • The bad thing about Sponsored Reviews is they keep 50% commission you generate from every sponsored post as they were acting as a mediator between you and the advertiser.
  • To get quick approval you must have good page rank and alexa rank.


Post Joint is a very new network but still there you can find some good number of advertisers who need blogs for sponsored posting.You can signup for this network and get approval for the blog and start getting sponsored posts. This process is a little different, here you have to ask for a price for which you can publish article on your blog. If the advertiser is ok with that price you will get paid.
This is exactly similar to Sponsored Reviews. Not very popular like Sponsored Reviews but you can find good number of advertisers from this site as well.
There are many ways to get sponsored posts which I will be discussing more in future articles.Do let me know if I had missed out any good sites which are worth adding to the above list.

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